Digitale Zytostatika-Anforderungen mit dem Omniplaner

Digital Chemotherapeutic Orders with Omniplaner


Chemotherapeutic agent requests are transmitted digitally, quickly, safely and easily, and errors are minimised.

Benefits for you

  • Digital transmission of chemotherapeutic agent requests

  • Complete transfer of all necessary data for validation

  • Time-saving as no manual transfer of order data into the preparation system* is required

*Compatible with preparation system Steribase

In order to implement the chemotherapeutic agent requests of outpatient oncologists in the best way, the software solution offers you a secure operating environment and minimises sources of error. 

The program provides a direct, encrypted connection to the digital therapy planning software of the oncologist, the digital Chemotherapy Planner. This allows requests to be transferred quickly and easily. The printing of the medical prescription required is done directly from the software – this significantly minimises legibility issues. The existing data can be seamlessly transferred to the Steribase preparation system, eliminating the need for additional manual input.

The outcome: An efficient, safe process that includes all those involved in the treatment, resulting in top quality and fast delivery to the patient.

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