End-to-End Quality and Safety in Outpatient Cancer Treatment

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Office based oncologists carry out invaluable services for patients every day

They help their patients to treat a serious illness locally and ensure high-quality care. That’s why pharmacies are an important partner: They manufacture infusion solutions and deliver them to practices.

Despite legal standards, cancer patients keep asking how safe their infusion solution is and how it is manufactured.

At Omnicare, we take these questions very seriously. That’s why we’ve joined with local pharmacies to create the Omnicare Quality Initiative. Its aim is to ensure quality assurance standards in the production of parenteral cytostatic preparations and make them transparent.

What are cytostatic drugs?
Cytostatic drugs inhibit or even kill cancer cells and are mainly administered as an infusion.

The Omnicare Quality Initiative Seal: straightforward and transparent

The QI seal is a reliable quality mark for the production of patient-specific infusions. It is awarded to pharmacies that comply with the Omnicare quality assurance standards and can prove it at any time.

The QI seal stands for quality assurance standards that pharmacists, oncologists and patients can rely on.

Quality features you can rely on

The Omnicare Quality Initiative is based on the following quality features:

The QI seal is only awarded if all quality assurance standards are met. Compliance is monitored regularly: continuously by Omnicare and every two years as part of an audit with TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

Why are we committed to outpatient oncology?


After being diagnosed with cancer, a lot changes. The majority of patients wish to be treated on an outpatient basis so that they can return home to their familiar surroundings after chemotherapy.

We were founded by pharmacists and have set ourselves the goal to strenghten outpatient oncology. We are committed every day, along with all those involved in the therapy, to ensure that you receive safe care wherever you are.

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We are creating a nationwide network of all those involved in oncological therapy.
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