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The digital chemotherapy software Omniplaner has been successfully supporting oncological practices in the planning and implementation of chemotherapy for over 18 years.

Digitale Zytostatika-Anforderungen mit dem Omniplaner
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Therapy planning

Personalised and need-oriented
With the therapy planning software Omniplaner, patient-specific therapies including pre-medication and concomitant medication can be planned efficiently and adapted at any time. This results in more time for your patient care. Routine tasks such as “dose adjustments” or “postponement of treatment days” can be carried out at the push of a button and are always documented in a comprehensible manner.

Therapy management

Patient-specific and automated
The comprehensive therapy management of the digital chemotherapy planner can be adapted at any time to suit each individual patient. A detailed therapy list acts as a central planning and working tool that all oncological staff involved in the therapy can access. Simple adaptation and new entries of therapy regimens including substance administration, laboratory appointments, etc., can be carried out conveniently and quickly.

Transmission of the preparation at the push of a button

Secure and binding
Send approved chemotherapeutic agent requests directly to the pharmacy preparing them – quick and easy. The software considerably simplifies your communication, saves time for everyone involved while also eliminating sources of error. From the preparation request all the way to completion and delivery, you always have all the information right at your fingertips.

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