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We work together every day to improve the care of oncological patients close to their homes.

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Our mission

We believe that the best possible care can be provided for oncological patients close to where they are – on an outpatient basis.

That is why we are working together for the long-term support of outpatient oncology close to home. Find out more about us!

What drives us

From his many years of experience in the manufacture of infusion solutions, as pharmacist and current managing director Oliver Tamimi had the following insight:

Strong cooperation between committed independent professionals of all disciplines is needed in order to provide quality and safety in the care of outpatients.


Safety for the patients


We are creating tangible added value for the patients as specialists in outpatient oncological care:

  • We reliably supply pharmacies nationwide with our wholesale.

  • With the Omnicare Quality Initiative, we enable doctor's practices and pharmacies to provide safe, high quality and efficient care.

  • With the German Oncology Network, we have created a platform for oncological practices to strengthen outpatient care.

  • Furthermore, we offer doctor's practice-oriented training courses for both practices and pharmacies and provide software solutions to enable simple and safe chemotherapy planning.

Business Areas


Zahlen & Fakten


40.000 behandelte Patienten in den MVZ  MVZ-Beteiligungen an 8 Standorten  432 stationäre psychosomatische Behandlungen  317 geschulte Mitarbeiter aus onkologischen Praxen 38 teilnehmende Apotheken an der Omnicare Qualitätsinitative  300 Spezialisten für das Reinraumlabor  732 Mio Umsatz 2019  Mitarbeiter: 57%25 Frauen, 43%25 Männer

Our history

Omnicare Geschichte

2002: Foundation

Foundation of Omnicare Pharma GmbH as a pharmaceutical wholesaler
Omnicare Geschichte

2012: Foundation of Omnicare Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Foundation of the new Omnicare Company
Omnicare Qualitätssiegel

2014: Quality Seal

Implementation of the Omnicare Quality Seal
Omnicare Unternehmen Onkologie

2014: OmniCampus

Launch of OmniCampus with training courses for doctor’s practices
Omnicare Megapharm

2015: Megapharm & Digital Solutions

Acquisition of Megapharm and establishment of the Digital Solutions business unit
Dr. Römer Klinik Omnicare

2016: Dr Römer Clinics

Acquisition of Dr Römer Clinics

2017: Hygiene Monitoring & Whole Sale

Launch of hygiene monitoring as part of the software eApo, Integration of Megapharm wholesale
Arzt der Qualitaetsinitiative Transparenz

2018: MVZ & Omnicare Quality Initiative

German Oncology Network and investment in health centre (MVZ), Launch Omnicare Quality Initiative

Omnicare Management



Oliver Tamimi

Pharmacist, Managing Director

Oliver Tamimi started his career in pharmacy management and pharmaceutical distribution.

In 2003 he founded Omnicare Pharma GmbH based on the realisation that the outpatient oncology sector needed stable structures. Together with the pharmacists involved today, he initiated the restructure in 2011 to create today's Omnicare – the network for outpatient oncology.

In 2017 Oliver Tamimi was nominated as “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year”.

Oliver Tamimi



Andreas Richter

Dipl.-Kfm., Managing Director

Andreas Richter began his professional career at the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hamburg. After holding positions as Head of Finance and Accounting and as a member of the Management Board of the investment holding company at COC AG, he moved to Telepool GmbH in Munich in 2009, where he was appointed Head of Finance and Controlling.

He has been a member of the Omnicare Management since 2013.

Andreas Richter




Compliance* has a very high priority for us. Therefore we are a member of AKG e.V. (“Pharmaceuticals and Cooperation in Health Care”, German registered association), which follows the principle of voluntary self-inspections. Compliance with codified rules of competition and conduct has top priority for AKG. As a member, we are expressly committed to compliance and the associated responsibility in our cooperation with business partners.


AKG Healthcare Compliance Seal

In connection with our membership in AKG e.V., we also applied to obtain the AKG Healthcare Compliance Seal.

After an extensive audit with more than 200 (individual) test criteria – in which our compliance management system including the Omnicare Code and the compliance guidelines, as well as their implementation to date, were closely examined – the Certification Commission recommended that we be awarded the seal, and the AKG Management followed this recommendation.

AKG Siegel: kodexgeprüft und zertifiziertes Healthcare Compliance Management

The AKG Healthcare Compliance Seal thus certifies the code-related standards regarding compliance organisations, processes and conduct. More information about the AKG

*Compliance, the adherence of rules of conduct, laws and guidelines by companies (source: Wikipedia)

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We are creating a nationwide network of all those involved in oncological therapy.
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