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The safe and high-quality care of oncology patients with cytostatic drugs is of utmost importance to us.

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Close-to-home care – safe and transparent

With the Omnicare Quality Initiative, we are aiming to help oncologists, pharmacists and patients provide oncology patients with the best possible outpatient care.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with local pharmacies to create the Omnicare Quality Initiative. Its aim is to ensure quality assurance standards in the production of parenteral cytostatic preparations and make them transparent.

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The QI seal: straightforward and transparent

The QI seal is a reliable quality mark for the production of patient-specific infusions. It is awarded to pharmacies that comply with the Omnicare quality assurance standards and can prove it at any time.

The QI seal stands for quality assurance standards that pharmacists, oncologists and patients can rely on.

Benefits at a glance

Uniform standards ensure the quality of the manufacturing process

Omnicare’s quality initiative is built on the foundation of quality features. Behind each feature are unified quality assurance standards, which are based on the legal requirements for the production and supply of parenteral preparations and are regularly inspected as part of various measures. Consequently, quality becomes measurable and transparent. Our standards are based on the latest scientific findings wherever possible.
Pharmacies participating in the Omnicare Quality Initiative agree to consistently adhere to the quality assurance standards and through regular inspections to make this transparent. Pharmacies receive the QI seal as a visible sign of their successful participation and compliance with the standards.

Quality features you can rely on


The Omnicare Quality Initiative is based on the following quality features:

The QI seal is only awarded if all quality assurance standards are met. Compliance is monitored regularly: continuously by Omnicare and every two years as part of an audit with TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

Independent, controlled: Audits ensure safety

Omnicare regularly inspects the pharmacy’s preparation area together with an independent third party – TÜV Nord Cert GmbH. Relevant points in production and hygiene are checked on the basis of a standard questionnaire.


Oncologists and practice staff can be sure that quality assurance standards are met thanks to regular audits.


Hygiene monitoring: any time, transparent

Hygienic preparation of chemotherapy infusions in the cleanroom of the pharmacy is essential. All pharmacies have implemented an electronic data processing and evaluation system in order to continuously monitor the hygiene status of their rooms.

Daily samples are taken from different measuring points in the cleanroom of the pharmacy and then checked and evaluated to monitor hygiene. The results are continuously recorded and processed electronically. The results are compared within the Omnicare Quality Initiative according to set warning and action limits and centrally documented in a report for each pharmacy.

Hygiene monitoring enables oncologists to monitor the hygiene status at any time during the preparation of the infusion.

Omnitest: quality put to the test

In order to ensure the best possible quality of care, it is important to check both the manufacturing process as well as the quality of the results of the patient-specific infusion solutions.


How does the test work?


Patient-specific infusions from the pharmacies participating in the Omnicare Quality Initiative are checked on a random basis. Infusions that could not be administered to the patient due to medical reasons are sent by the doctor’s office to an independent, accredited institute, where they are checked for drug identity and concentration. In order to ensure the high degree of conclusiveness of the Omnitest, the pharmacy must not be involved in any relevant process step until a preparation has been sent in.

After the examination, you and the pharmacy will receive the result and an analysis report.

With the Omnitest it is possible to check the identity and concentration of the active substance in the infusion. Transparent and reliable.

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Pharmacies of the Omnicare Qualitity Initiative

Many pharmacies have joined the Omnicare Quality Initiative. Discover the pharmacies now.

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