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95% of the participants would recommend the training courses at OmniCampus to their colleagues.
(Survey of the participants of all training courses in 2017)

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Patient care at best by doctors and medical assistants

Our primary concern is to ensure and further develop the best quality of care for oncological patients that is humane and close to their homes and to do so in a sustainable manner. That is why we have established “OmniCampus – Expertise in Outpatient Oncology”. In line with the consistent improvement of our services, we promote the further training of doctors, medical assistants (MFA) and the entire practice team – for the benefit of the patient.

With our nationwide training and qualification programme for oncology in private practice, we offer practical training and individually tailored courses. These support you as a doctor and practice staff in your daily activities, both on a professional and personal level.

Our seminar instructors are experts with a proven track record, who will share profound knowledge on various topics. Our practice sessions in small groups also offer you the opportunity for intensive discussion and peer exchange.

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We are creating a nationwide network of all those involved in oncological therapy.
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